Henry Ott HENRY W. OTT is President and Principal Consultant of Henry Ott Consultants, an EMC/ESD training and consulting organization located in Livingston, New Jersey.  Mr. Ott has literally "written the book" on the subject of EMC, and is considered by many to be the nation's leading EMC educator.  He not only knows the subject, but has the rare ability to communicate that knowledge to others.  Mr. Ott has over forty years of experience in the field of EMC.

"Few engineers know as much about electromagnetic compatibility, or EMC, as consultant Henry Ott, keynote speaker at the upcomming PCB Design Conference East."  Quoted from an article on Henry Ott in the July 17, 2000 issue of EE Times.

 Prior to starting his own consulting company, he was with AT&T Bell Laboratories (now Alcatel-Lucent), Whippany, New Jersey, for 30 years, where he was a Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff. At Bell Labs, he worked on projects relating to missile guidance systems, nuclear effects instrumentation, analog and digital tape recorders, telephone transmission and signaling systems, microprocessors, and acted as a consultant on Electromagnetic Compatibility.

 He is the author of two books, "Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering" (Wiley, 2009) and the popular "Noise Reduction Techniques in Electronic Systems" (Wiley 1976 and 1988). Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering is ofter referrd to as the "bible" on EMC, and has been translated into Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Noise Reduction Techniques in Electronic Systems first edition has been translated into Japanese, Russian, Bulgarian, and Polish, and the second edition has been translated into Italian, Japanese, and Chinese. Together, the two English editions have sold over 65,000 copies.

 Mr. Ott is a Life Fellow of the IEEE and an Honorary Life Member of the IEEE EMC Society.   For over twenty years Mr. Ott has served the EMC Society in various capacities including: member of the Board of Directors, Education Committee Chairman, Symposium Committee Chairman, and Vice President for Conferences. In addition he is a past Distinguished Lecturer for the EMC Society and lectures extensively on the subject of EMC.  He is also a member of the ESD Association.  In addition, Mr. Ott holds an amateur radio (ham radio) operator's license with the call sign WA2IRQ.

 Mr. Ott is the holder of four patents, and author of numerous technical papers.  He received his BSEE degree from New Jersey Institute of Technology in 1957, and his MSEE degree from New York University in 1963.  Mr. Ott has also received many awards for his outstanding contributions to the field of Electromagnetic Compatibility.

Mr. Ott is listed in "Who's Who in Electromagnetic Compatibility."

Also see the article about Henry Ott published in the August 2000 issue of Printed Circuit Design Magazine. 

microphone Click on microphone to listen to Henry Ott being interviewed by Doug Smith (3/5/09).

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