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Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering

 A new book (August 2009) by the author of the most popular book on Electromagnetic Compatibility  (Noise Reduction Techniques in Electronic Systems) reflects all the latest advances and  developments in the field.

Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering Author: Henry W. Ott

 872 Pages, Hardcover
 Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
 Availibility: August 2009
 ISBN: 978-0-470-18930-6

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Noise Reduction Techniques in Electronic Systems

Noise Reduction Techniques"Noise Reduction Techniques in Electronic Systems,"2nd Edition, by Henry W. Ott, publisher: John Wiley & Sons, 1988, ISBN#: 0-471-85068-3.

Now updated to include new information on noise emission from digital electronic systems.  Here is the most complete source available on the theory and practice of reducing emission and susceptibility in electronic systems. Included are low-cost techniques for assuring electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) in consumer products, plus how to reduce the susceptibility of electronic systems to electrostatic discharge.

This latest edition of "The Bible on EMC" includes three new chapters on noise and radiation from digital systems and electrostatic discharge.  Additional topics include cabling, grounding, balancing and filtering, passive components, shielding, contact protection, and others. The book contains twelve chapters and six appendices, 426 pages.

The first edition of the book was translated into Japanese, Russian, Bulgarian, and Polish.  The second edition has been translated into Italian, Japanese, and Chinese.

[OUT OF PRINT, replaced by Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering (see above)]

Translations for "Noise Reduction Techniques in Electronic Systems"

 "The best inexpensive way to reliably achieve compliance [with EMC requirements] is to have every engineer  on the project electronic, and mechanical read Henry Ott's EMC book and be careful, then take the prototype widget to a competent EMC test lab."
                                                            Electromagnetic News Report, March/April 2003

  Errata Sheet For "Noise Reduction Techniques in Electronic Systems," Second Edition

Table of Contents

1. Introduction        Appendix A. The Decibel
2. Cabling        Appendix B. Summary of Noise Reduction Techniques
3. Grounding        Appendix C. Multiple Reflection of Magnetic Fields in Thin Shields
4. Balancing and Filtering        Appendix D. Problems
5. Passive Components        Appendix E. Answers to Problems
6. Shielding        Appendix F. Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing Procedures
7. Contact Protection
8. Intrinsic Noise Sources
9. Active Device Noise
10. Digital Circuit Noise and Layout
11. Digital Circuit Radiation
12. Electrostatic Discharge

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