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Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering in the Classroom

EMC Class

Looking for a class on EMC? Below is a list of university courses as well as professional development classes (that we are aware of) that use the book Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering, by Henry W. Ott as a primary text.

Please help us keep this list accurate. If you know of a class or training seminar that uses Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering as a primary text, please tell us so we can update our listing.

Instructor Resources: If you are interested in developing a course that uses Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering as a primary text, click here to see a sample syllabus, suggestions for lab setups, possible experiments, and other helpful information.


Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Course # & Title: EMC 1 and EMC II
Location: Amsteram, Netherlands
Instructor: Cees Keyer
Course Level: Undergraduate
Frequency Course is offered: Second year of Electronic Engineering study
Course Description: EMC 1 is a course based on part one of Ott's book including practical exercises based on the practical exercises from the University of Twente. EMC II is based on part 2 of the book.

Comments: In one semester the complete book is covered. First part is accompanied with fundamental exercises in the lab, for example what is transfer impedance, what is the influence of a piggy tail etc.

Students taking background noise measurements on Lake IJssel, Netherlands

Grand Valley State University School of Engineering

Course # & Title: EGR 643 – PCB Design and EMC
Location: Grand Rapids, MI
Instructor: Bogdan Adamczyk, Ph.D.
Course Level: Graduate
Frequency Course is offered: 2014 Winter Semester & every odd winter (2-year rotation) or on demand
Course Description: A study of PCB design techniques for EMC compliance. Topics include: digital circuit power distribution, effectiveness of decoupling capacitors and embedded capacitance, digital circuit grounding, ground plane current distribution and impedance, return current path, PCB layout and stackup. Students will design a PCB and evaluate its EMC performance.

    Course Topics:
        Power supply decoupling (1 week)
        Decoupling capacitors (2 weeks)
        Embedded capacitance (1 week)
        Digital circuit grounding (2 weeks)
        Ground plane current distribution and impedance (2 weeks)
        Digital Logic Current Flow (1 week)
        Return Path Discontinuities (1 week)
        PCB Layout (2 weeks)
        PCB Layer Stackup (1 week)
        Mixed-Signal PCB Layout (1 week)

Grand Valley EMC LabGrand Valley EMC Lab
GTEM Cell and test chamber in the EMC Lab at Grand Valley State University School of Engineering

National University of La Plata

Course Title:
Design for Electromagnetic Compatibility
National University of La Plata
La Plata, Argentina
Ramon Lopez La Valle
Course Level:
on demand
Course Description:
Electromagnetic Compatibility fundamentals and applications. Main topics include grounding, shielding, filtering, digital power distribution and decoupling, circuit radiation, conducted emissions, immunity, and PCB design.

Prof. Ramon Lopez La Valle
Professor Ramon Lopez La Valle (holding book) and students

University of Michigan-Dearborn

Course # & Title: ECE 319 - Electromagnetic Compatibility
Location: Dearborn, MI
Instructor: Mark Steffka
Course Level: Undergraduate elective
Frequency Course is offered: Fall semester
Course Description: This introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) will provide an understanding of how electrical and electronic components either generate or are affected by electric and magnetic fields. These topics will be covered by suggested readings, in-class problem solving sessions, demonstrations, lectures, and through the required lab sessions. The course is also being planned to include a visit to local EMC testing facilities and will also include "topical" class discussions by EMC professionals from industry.


UM-D Fall 2013 EMC Class
University of Michigan-Dearborn Fall 2013 Electromagnetic Compatibility class, with Professor Mark Steffka (far left) and author Henry Ott (far right)

University of Zaragoza

Course # & Title: 67225 - Electromagnetic Compatibility and Electrical Safety
Location: Zaragoza,  Spain
Instructor: Arturo Mediano, Ph.D.
Course Level: Graduate
Frequency Course is offered: September - January, annually
Course Description: This is an introductory course to the fundamentals
of EMI/EMC/SAFETY for the design and production of electronic products.
(Information in that link is in Spanish. English version available upon request)

The course has been offered from 1994. First versions of the course were
related only to EMI/EMC but, from 2009 the contents were modified to include
70% material related to EMI/EMC and 30% related to Electrical Safety because of the
importance relation for both subjects in real world products.
The EMI/EMC part is focused to design techniques but measurement and legal topics are
introduced including two visits to external EMC labs.

Outline of the course:
Fundamentals. Generation and coupling of EMI. Ground and earth. Filtering in EMI/EMC.
Design of PCBs. Shielding. Cables. Transients and protections. Diagnostic and troubleshooting
of EMI/EMC problems. EMC measurement and tests.
Risks of an electronic product (high voltage, danger with current, explosion,
high temperatures, fire, mechanical hazards, etc). Regulations. Technical
considerations (electrical insulation, materials, hot points, safety distances, ...)
Safety tests. Design techniques for electrical safety (critical Components, PCB (creepage
and clearance, ...). Cables. Enclosures.

University of Zaragoza EMC class

Professional Development

Henry Ott Consultants in partnership with In Compliance MagazineFall 2012 CO

Course Title: Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering
Location: Varies across continental US
Instructor: Henry Ott
Course Level: Continuing Education
Frequency Course is offered: No longer offered
Course Description: This course covers the practical aspects of noise and interference control in electronic systems and provides a working knowledge of EMC principles. the participants should obtain the knowledge necessary to design electronic equipment that is compatible with the electromagnetic environment and is in compliance with national and international EMC regulations.
Links: www.hottconsultants.com/public.html
Comments: This course is directed towards electrical engineers. However, mechanical engineers, reliability and standards engineers, technical managers, systems engineers, regulatory compliance engineers, technicians, and others who need a working knowledge of electromagnetic compatibility engineering principles will also benefit from the course.

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