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In our EMC training classes we often refer to products and services provided by other organizations.  This page is provided as a reference on how to contact some of  these organizations.

European Commission

Provides updated information on the EMC Directive and Harmonized Standards.

Doug Smith

High Frequency Measurements Web Page
Useful information on high frequency measurement techniques and homebuilt probes.

Fischer Custom Communications

Clamp-on Common-Mode Current Probe Model F-33-1
Magnetic Field Probes, Model F-301 Shielded Loop Sensor
www.fischercc.com, then click on Instrumentation, then Current Probes
Phone: (310)891-0635          Fax: (310) 891-0644
e-mail: Sales@Fischercc.com
Also see our Tech Tip on MeasuringCommon-Mode Currents on Cables.

Series Mode AC Protectors

The common MOV based shunt surge protector dumps large transients currents onto the AC neutral and ground conductor increasing the local ground potential, series protectors do not. To learn more about the advantages of Series Mode Surge Protectors, click here.  Some manufacturers of series mode surge suppressors are listed below:

Brick Wall



Additional EMC Web Resources:A listing of some useful EMC related websites.

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